Hi, I'm Jakub. I'm front-end developer and I make websites

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I'm currently studying at UWM. For last two years I have been also learning web development and some web design and UX/UI by the way. I started my journey with html5 exploring most of its details, then I moved on to CSS and Javasript. In CSS I understand how specifity, cascading and inheritance works, also I know most of its properties, their values and how they work, I'm trying be up to date with support for CSS in diffrent browser and new features implementation aswell. Whereas in Javascript, which I'm still learning I know ES5 and quite large part of ES6 I try to make my code work fast as it's possible and bug free also taking care about making sure user that can't unintentionally brake the App. Other staff I have to mention here are tools which I use for my works: Visual Studio Code(excellent editor for me, best of all I have ever used), Dev Tools (for working with styles, debugging, testing, optimization), PS CC (it helps me with making something looks better).

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